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In midst of the Thirty Years War a group of mercenaries has set out to the woods, bound to free the land of witches and heretics hiding within them. Guided by the young forester Jakup and the imprisoned Tila Girista, who is believed to be one of the witches herself, the ruthless chamberlain blackmails and forces them into hunting a myth for him. Little does he know who really holds power over the woodland he’s trying to clear and log off. He might not be the hunter after all…


Director / Writer: Christian Jilka

Starring: Peter Lichteneber, Nina Niknafs, Christian Schiesser, Patricia Lucia Jakubowski

Runtime: 41 min


They have nurtured the love that leads them to their own death in a homeland where everything is slowly fading into nothing more than a memory. 


Selected for Talent Project Market 2017

Selected for Talent Project Market 2017


Memoryland is inspired by a real situation in Đại Bái village, located in the Northern Center of Vietnam. When local farmers cannot live in their homeland, they gradually leave, abandoning their fields and homes. Among those who leave, many rebuild their lives far away from home, but they are still struggling and as a result, they forget their parents. Aged fathers and mothers who stay behind look forward to hearing from their children until they can’t remember either their children’s faces and names, or how many children they have, who is alive, who is already dead. And Death comes to them in their endless loneliness...

Director / Writer: Kim Quy Bui

Runtime: 90 min

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A depressed history teacher, a narcoleptic small-time crook and a teenage girl dreaming of becoming a pop star. Three very different people yet they could all use a bit more money in their lives. Luckily, they cross paths when finding a historic yellow diamond which an anonymous collector is offering a bag full of cash for. As none of the three is willing to split the money, however, they quickly become competitors in a game of deception. A thrilling race begins in which only one of them can capture the flag…

Runtime: 100 min

Genre: Crime / Drama / Comedy





Scarlet Visions is a short film project dedicated to the beauty and madness lurking within the creative mind. A lonesome painter struggles to finish his masterpiece, whilst being haunted by strange visions. It is all about art and the many questions that come with it, like "What is inspiration?" and "Where does it come from?" 

Director / Writer: Christian Jilka

Starring: Tom von der Isar, Talea Rüsing, Gabriela Burckhardt

Runtime: 17 min




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The story of The Inseminator revolves around a family of three: a man, his daughter and son, who reside on top of a secluded mountain. Mr. Boi, the dying father, calmly prepares for his journey to the netherworld. But before Death could reach him, he must accomplish one important mission: to find his mentally disabled son, the 16-year-old Ngo, a suitable woman, with whom he is to bear a male heir and maintain the family line...

Director / Writer: Kim Quy Bui

Starring: Trung Kien Nguyen, Thu Trang Nguyen, Viet Son Le

Runtime: 87 min

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A Crystal



A short film inspired by polish folklore. A Crystal Carol tells the story of a poor tramp who is all alone in a by war deserted city. When all hope seems lost he meets an angelic girl dancing through the empty streets. She might turn out to be a Dola, a legendary guardian angel. But who knows what other mythical creatures are following the poor tramp...

Director / Writer: Christian Jilka

Starring: Mark Mayr, Edith Schachinger, Michael Hauswirth, Karola Danielczyk

Runtime: 17 min




Noriko tells the story of dystopian future times at the end of human civilization. Kestas Kukuris lost his wife Dalia to a terrible disease and decides to bring her back to life by building her a robot twin. This however displeases the communities priest, for in his eyes it is an act of blasphemy... 

Director / Writer: Christian Jilka

Starring: Patricia Lucia Jakubowski, Simmy Kailath, Michael Hauswirth

Runtime: 30 min

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